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Powerful open-source painting app at hand

Krita is a free-of-charge and open-source graphic and design application developed by Stichting Krita Foundation. It is a beta release of the popular and powerful digital painting app for Android and Chrome OS platforms. However, as its interface is optimized only for big-screen devices such as tablets and Chromebooks, it can’t be used for mobile phones yet. Bear in mind also that this app is still in its early stage—thus, it is not yet recommended to use for real and professional work. 

Based off on the full desktop version

Frankly, there are a lot of digital drawing apps to choose from in the market but what makes Krita unique among its competitors is its capability to provide high-end graphic design tools and experience in a completely-free platform. It is a practical alternative for artists or even aspiring ones that are short on a budget and want to avoid the expenses of lavish digital ar software.

Before, it can only be accessed through desktop but with the advent of technology as time goes by, its developers were able to pull off a version that can be accessed by Android and Chrome OS users in their tablets and Chromebooks. This beta is based on the full desktop version of the program—which means that its interface hasn’t been customized for a touch experience. At the same time, it will not run on Android smartphones, as it would be impossible to use on a smaller device than tablets. 

However, the developers didn’t really close their possibility of creating an app specially made for mobile devices in the near future. The team mostly uses the word “currently” in order to describe the unavailability of the tool on smartphones. This could indicate that a version of this software that is designed for handsets could eventually be made.

Most anticipated digital art application

The anticipation for Krita’s Android and Chromebook’s version is hugely felt. Once its full app version is released, it would surely instantly earn thousands and even millions of downloads across different artists from across the world. With the emergence of this app, you no longer need a desktop device or an expensive digital software just to make high quality and professional artwork.


  • Powerful digital graphic and design app
  • Do artworks in your tablets and Chromebooks
  • Based on the full desktop version
  • Produce high quality and professional artworks


  • Can only be optimized on big-screen devices
  • Can’t be operated on Android smartphones

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Krita varies-with-device for Android

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